Read Through Feedback From My Bookkeeping Clients


John Torru

Chairman & Sr. Partner, Simpactful LLC
Former SVP, Chief Sales & Market Development Officer, Big Heart Pet Brands

Karen Shattuck has been a tremendous asset to Simpactful over the past seven years, leading all of our financial systems, processes, and controls. She has successfully maintained a one-person accounting department that experienced a 2300% increase in gross sales and led major improvements in financial controls such as creating a paperless system, developing a format in QuickBooks to more easily track state tax liabilities, improved billing procedures and monthly reconciliation procedures. Her timely communication externally with clients and internally with our Partners and Consultants has dramatically improved our accounts receivables and contributed to our positive customer service ratings.  Karen’s work ethic is impeccable, and I would highly recommend her services.

Mike Russell

Sr. Partner Simpactful LLC
Former Director, Proctor & Gamble

Karen Shattuck is a professional in the truest sense.  She is gifted with business skills in the area of accounting and budgets combined with a customer service approach that is exceptional.  These skills make Karen a valuable asset to the people she works with!  My personal experience with Karen has been one of being impressed with her customer service focus combined with a sense of urgency to understand what the numbers say and act upon.  I have always been impressed with Karen's agility and willingness to learn new approaches.  A true sign of a lifelong learner.  She is a great asset to the people she works with.   

Bryan Stuke

Founder/Senior Partner Simpactful LLC
Former Senior Vice President Procter & Gamble

Karen Shattuck is a dear friend and a very valued colleague. Karen has been the Head of Finance at Simpactful for almost seven years now.  To say that we would be lost without her would clearly be an understatement.  She has been at the center of our most important financial decisions, works closely with our accountants and was deeply involved in a potential merger and acquisition of the firm.  Karen’s attention to detail is unrivaled and her follow-up to requests is best in class.  Importantly she juggles all of this while maintaining an unshakeable demeanor combined with an amazing upbeat and positive attitude.  Simply stated, Karen is a Rock Star who would be an indispensable member on any Team.  Suffice it to say that I think the world of her and would be more than happy to discuss her tremendous attributes in more detail live time!

Mary Pickering

Former Sr. Partner, Simpactful LLC
Former U.S. Market Strategy & Planning Leader, Proctor and Gamble

Karen Shattuck has excellent follow-through, polished professionalism, and a terrific attitude. People like Karen are what made Simpactful so special.  Loved having her on the team.

Jack Buller

Sr. Partner and Audit Committee Chair, Simpactful LLC
Former P&G Operations Manager for Walgreens

I have worked with Karen Shattuck since around the start of Simpactful. As one of the co-founders, having brilliance behind the scenes running our finances was and remains a huge priority for a startup company. Karen has been that “brilliance” throughout. Not only is she beyond capable as a person who manages our books, she is always proactive when something might pop up on the horizon. For example, she has a sixthsense on who she needs to follow up on to ensure our Accounts Receivable is correct and within terms. We have countless examples of her managing issues with our clients and consultants that keep us on track. Finally, I am also the chair of our Audit Committee. We receive all of our reports from Karen as we review each quarterly business. Her timeliness and precision in getting us what we need to review our business is only surpassed by the fact that she chose to provide an overall summary that expedited our process. Perhaps one of the greatest commentaries on Karen consistently comes from our outside accounting firm. They literally told us that we need to rethink our design given that Karen was so much more than our bookkeeper. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen as she moves back to her own bookkeeping business. Karen is a joy to work with, is always on top of her game, and delivers. Always.

Rich Shea

Executive Level Retail & CPG Go To Market Strategist
Richard Shea Consulting

I have worked with Karen for seven years as a Sr. Consultant with Simpactful. She was very patient in my early days of learning to bill my hours and expenses. Karen was always helpful and friendly during all of our interactions. If I ever needed some investigation on billings, she was always prompt and professional in her responses with great data to share. She is a pro who will be missed at Simpactful. I would recommend Karen for any bookkeeping project.

Phil Morris

North America Trade Fund & Customer Policy Manager
Proctor & Gamble

I worked with Karen for five years at Simpactful when she was the Controller for the firm. From a business perspective, Karen was extremely knowledgeable, proactively communicated on financial items and was quick to follow-up on any questions that I had. Karen was a key Simpactful Manager that guided the firm during a window of very accelerated growth.

On a professional note, she was friendly, engaged and always found time to help no matter the size of my question. I was sad to see her leave Simpactful but happy that she will be able to help other individuals with their financial needs.

Jan Grammerstorf

Corporate Director & Chairman of the Marketing Committee
Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Karen for the past six years. Karen’s greatest strengths are her attention to detail, the disciplined approach she takes to her work processes, and her ability to collaborate with others to get things accomplished efficiently. Karen is a team player, and a valuable asset to any organization.